Concerts are Almost Back According to Adam Katz Google

Adam Katz Google Creative Lab

November 30, 2020

According to Adam Katz Google, concerts are nearly back

Start Getting Your concert tickets according to Adam Katz Google2020 was a music bust. If you had tickets to any concert in the USA, Europe, Australia, or virtually anywhere else, chances are you didn’t get to use those tickets as most venues closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the tides are turning for 2021, with many venues reopening and ticket sales back on. However, don’t expect things to be completely back to normal, says Adam Katz Google page.

“Concerts will probably start off in smaller venues,” Adam Katz Google page says. “This will allow for social distancing and keep everyone safe.” Some artists are still deciding not to do in-person shows and are opting instead to have virtual tours, drive-in concerts, and paid Livestream. “These types of shows are far from normal,” says Adam Katz Google page, “but at least we can still hear new, live music again, even if it’s not exactly in person.”

The first half of 2021 won’t see too many concerts booked, but the summer of 2021 is expected to be a big music season, according to Adam Katz Google page, a patron of the arts himself.

Here is a list of some of the rescheduled concerts and festivals music lovers can now buy tickets to for 2021, brought to you by Adam Katz Google.

Winter Concerts 2021

The Swans: January and February: The North American Tour

Snoop Dogg: February: U.K../Ireland: Wanna Thank Me Tour

Michael Buble: February 6, 2020: Michael Buble U.S.. Tour goes into March

Harry Styles: February 12, 2021: Love on Tour

Spring Concerts 2021

The Who: March 2021: U.K.. Tour

Green Day: March 13, 2021: Asia Tour

Celine Dion: March 19: Paris Tour

The Great Escape: May 12-15, 2021: U.K.. Festival with over 400 performers

Summer Concerts 2021

NOS Alive: July 2-4, 2021: Lisbon Festival

Matchbox Twenty: July 16, 2021: USA Tour

The Doobie Brothers: July 17: Florida

Lady Gaga: 2021: Chromatica Ball

This upcoming year will be true to test as to whether or not we’ve beaten this virus, according to Adam Katz Google page. However, with smaller venues, masks, and social distancing, we can still enjoy our favorite music. 2021 should be a good year for music, says Adam Katz Google page. When asked which concerts he plans on going to in 2021, he said, “As many as I possibly can as long as they remain safe for me and everyone else.”