Adam Katz Google Creative Lab on the Challenges Facing Creative Entrepreneurs Working from Home

Adam Katz Google Creative Lab

February 16, 2021

Drawing on more than 15 years of experience working for companies such as Google and Jonson & Johnson, Adam Katz formerly of Google Creative Lab suggests the best ways to stay connected and engaged while working remotely.

In December of 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the presence in the United States of multiple variants of the virus that causes COVID-19, suggesting the possibility of continued public health restrictions, including encouraging remote work. Creative entrepreneurs like Adam Katz Google Creative Lab face special challenges when dealing with the isolation imposed by social distancing. To successfully navigate these difficult times, Adam Katz Google Creative Lab turned to online platforms such as Behance to continue developing and distributing new content.

The length of the lockdown has drastically increased the level of social isolation throughout society, but particularly among creatives now working remotely. Adam Katz Google Creative Lab suggests this lack of interpersonal contact can have a negative impact on creativity and inspiration. “I stay inspired by meeting other designers, coders, and people who are passionate and driven about the things that they are making and the problems that they are solving. I also stay inspired by the teaching and being surrounded by younger designers”, says Adam Katz Google Creative Lab. The experience of Adam Katz Google Creative Lab suggests that creative entrepreneurs benefit from finding alternate ways to remain connected.

“There’s a lot of opportunity for creative work, especially in today’s connected world. Say, for instance, you wanted to design a specialized kind of guitar. When you start out, you may feel isolated in your work. But along the way, as you share about your progress, you might connect with a group of people who could benefit from what you’re doing and support your idea. The internet can help you discover those people and develop a real audience for what you do,” says Adam Katz Google Creative Lab. “There’s likely a whole community or even region of the world that will be interested in what you’re doing.” You’re not alone out there,” according to Adam Katz Google Creative Lab.

Experienced creators like Adam Katz Google Creative Lab stress the importance of using technology properly. “Today, anyone can make anything look good with the right tools or coding skills. I’m less interested in designing beautiful things and more interested in design from a communication perspective. I tend to focus on whether I’m making the best decisions, creating the best tools, and giving people the clearest ways to get the information they need.” By following the example of Adam Katz Google Creative Lab entrepreneurs can remain competitive in today’s uncertain economy.