Adam Katz Google Creative Lab on How COVID-19 Will Change The Creative Process for Good

Adam Katz Google Creative Lab

September 24, 2020

Adam Katz Google Creative Lab

COVID-19 has changed our everyday life and work in most industries. Many of the changes will continue in some way, post-pandemic. The creative industry is no exception. However, Adam Katz Google Creative Lab views this time as an opportunity to rethink the best way to hone the creative process and the way agencies engage with their clients.

One way the industry has adjusted to COVID-19 is in the pitch process. Before, members of the creative team traveled to the client’s business to pitch ideas in person; now, the process is virtual. Adam Katz Google Creative Lab finds that using software to pitch for new business enhances the ability to tell the creative story better and to zero in on critical elements before presenting the whole picture. Once lockdowns end, Adam Katz Creative Lab sees this trend toward the more creative use of software continuing.

Another way the industry is changing is how teams work together. During the shutdown, creative companies began using technology to move the creative process online. Once they did so, they realized that having a creative life in one space online made the process more efficient and fostered shared ownership. Adam Katz Google Creative Lab believes the rest of the creative industry will likely continue this method of work online and will, in turn, push software companies to continue to adapt and evolve as they provide even better technology.

During the pandemic, when the whole team has worked virtually, creative companies have realized that they can work collegially no matter the team member’s physical location. For Adam Katz Google Creative Lab, this means that members of the same team no longer need to reside in the same city, state, or even country. Agencies will feel more comfortable in the future with sourcing talent from a much wider pool, says Adam Katz Google Creative Lab. This wider pool will ultimately bring diversity to the industry and elevate the level of work.

Many creative companies also will consider whether having a physical office is still the best way to spend money. On one side, offices are expensive, especially if the team is working virtually, says Adam Katz Google Creative Lab. The agency might instead use this office rent to hire, train, or retain talent. On the other hand, some creative agencies may feel that their clients expect them to have an office and that their office communicates their brand in a way that a virtual office cannot, says Adam Katz Google Creative Lab.

Adam Katz Google Creative Lab is a New York-based creative director and designer who specializes in developing new ideas and new brands, helping companies build and evolve.