Adam Katz Google Discusses Brands to Watch After Covid-19 is Over

Adam Katz Google Creative Lab

October 19, 2020

Adam Katz Google

Adam Katz Google has seen the Covid-19 marketplace trigger many changes and is worried that many investors may not know where to invest after the pandemic is over. Recently, he discussed this problem and gave his insights into what to expect.

Brands Adam Katz Google Thinks Will Thrive Post Covid-19

Over the years, Adam Katz Google has helped many different brands stand out through good design and a firm grasp of market presence as well as knowing their audience. The post-Covid-19 world is going to be a strange one, he states, one in which business models that were once successful are going to disappear. First of all, any company that requires a speedy turnaround is going to suffer before they succeed, Adam Katz Google says.

Take a look at companies like Gamestop (which has been in free fall for almost a decade now) and apparel companies, like JC Penny and Sears. Adam Katz Google believes that these businesses and brands struggle because their model relies so much on physical attendance and they have not adjusted to the digital world as more and more people are looking to online shopping. Adam Katz Google believes that businesses must evolve or be left behind.

And yet, Adam Katz Google reports that brands like Kroeger, Costco, and Target will continue to do well and thrive in a post-Covid world, even though they rely on a lot of in-person purchasing. These companies will succeed, he states, because they offer more options than JC Penny and Sears and because they have adapted to online shopping better – Walmart’s “pick-up” shopping method being influential, Adam Katz Google argues. Additionally, these companies have learned from listening to their customers about what their needs are and what they value.

However, Adam Katz Google also states that it is vital to avoid going all-in on middle-of-the-road companies that are thriving due to the strange pandemic world. For example, brands like Kimberly-Clark and Hormel and succeeding beyond normal expectations because people stocked up on paper and canned products at the beginning of the pandemic. Adam Katz Google argues that the end of the pandemic will bring these companies back to their successful, but middling, financial growth level.

The critical thing to consider is how sustainable success will be for a brand after Covid-19, a factor that can often be tough to gauge. For example, video conferencing software like Zoom is very successful right now – but will it be when people start going back to work in an office? Adam Katz Google finds too many variables in such investments to claim they are a good one.

Adam Katz Google suggests checking out brands like Kendra Scott, FIGS, and Fabletics – these companies have not only thrived in the pandemic but have provided funding for the recovery effort in a way others have not. And he suggests staying away from brands like GNC, J. Crew, Claire’s, Chico’s, Destination XL, Rite Aid, and Party City – these brands are not evolving or haven’t evolved Adam Katz Google states.